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The music is taken from the trailers for RWBY featuring Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee.

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25 Day Pokemon Challenge - Route 2 - What is your dream Pokemon team?

(M) - Flash Fire

Thunder Fang - Fire Fang - Extremespeed - Iron Tail

Dragonair (F) - Marvel Scale

Dragon Tail - Aqua Tail - Thunder - Dragonbreath

Ampharos (F) - Static

Signal Beam - Power Gem - Thunder - Thunder Punch

Glaceon* (F) - Ice Body

Blizzard - Ice Fang - Hail - Ice Beam

Gallade (M) - Steadfast

Poison Jab - X-scissor - Psychic - Focus Blast

Chandelure (M) - Shadow Tag

Flame Burst - Hex - Shadow Ball - Will-O-Wisp

* = Shiny

I am horrid at narrowing down my favorites for a pokemon team but… if I really /HAD/ to… these six would likely make it. While Dragonair is not the final form, I prefer it over Dragonite and accept that it will not be as strong as it can be… for overall the team is diverse enough in both moves and typing to get me through most battles in my path ~

As for the shiny Glaceon… I just adore the shiny form… and currently I have one Shiny Eevee from breeding using the international pokemon + your pokemon method… soon it shall be a lovely Glaceon and I’ll be one step closer to my dream team ~!